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The first thing you should worry about after you have purchased a domain name is the web hosting service you choose. After you have found many companies and discussed or put questions on the forums or to specialists, you probably ask yourself which OS your server will run on. At present, there are several possibilities, but the most users and provider’s option of web hosting is heading towards two operating systems: Windows and Linux.

At first, you should not fall into the trap of choosing the server operating system depending on what operating system you know and use when creating web pages. If you have Linux on your computer at home or office, then you look for Linux hosting. This is a not very correct decision! Pages created by Linux can be hosted on Windows and pages created by Windows can be hosted on Linux. So, keep this in mind!

Therefore, you should know that a person who does not know Linux can manage a Linux hosting account, because it has a user-friendly interface. You should take a look instead at operating system performance and decide which the best choice is.

Considering that, in principle, both operating systems is an option for you but you have decided to choose Windows, we inform you that the best services on the platform are provided by Bluehost, a company dedicated in the web hosting industry receiving a very positive feedback.

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Linux or Windows Hosting?

If we speak in terms of performance, both Linux and Windows depend on the hardware used. In terms of speed, it seems that Linux is a step forward in comparison to Windows, especially when a large number of processes are running simultaneously. Generally, both systems are fast.

Speaking about scripting, if you want to host a more complex website containing dynamic pages or pages that usually require an advanced programming language, you must be careful because the are differences between the two platforms, Windows and Linux . But if host a site with static pages you can do it on any type of server.

If your site requires online updating through web, you will need a database to store information. The most popular management databases systems are MySQL, MS Access and MS SQL. MySQL can be used both on Linux and Windows, while MS Access and MS SQL are available only on Windows.

In terms of security, both operating systems, Windows and Linux can have problems. Be aware that there is currently no operating system to offer 100% security. If you also take into account this criterion when choosing between Windows and Linux, you need to know that both can cause problems sometimes, but the security aspect generally depends on web hosting provider, so that we advise you choose a famous web hosting company to avoid the unpleasant situations.