Record Sales Typical for Hosting Companies in January!

Not only will January bring in a brand new year but it also will bring in record sales for hosting companies and hosting affiliates across the world!   For years and years hosting companies have found that the month of January tends to be the most profitable and successful months out of all the others and of course is something these hosts look forward to each and every year!

As a web hosting affiliate who has been reviewing web hosting providers for years, I have also seen a trend of drastic sale increases during the month of January and found myself analyzing some reasons that hosting sales increase at such a drastic rate during this month!  Let’s take a look at some of my theories!

#1 – Fewer Budget Concerns for Individuals and Corporations:

Typically when individuals and businesses create a yearly budget they designate the budget in a specific 12 month time frame (which is usually January to December).  Those of you familiar with budgeting understand that the budget resets at the beginning of each fiscal year thus allowing individuals and corporations more freedom with their spending.  Because of this reason alone, I would say a fair assumption could be made that the extra freedom achieved on a financial standpoint allows corporations to make the purchase of hosting in January more easily than they might would later in the year when the budget figures may be a bit tighter!

#2- New Year = New Beginning

When the clock strikes midnight on New Years one thought is typically on everyone’s mind, “How can I improve myself this year.”  This line of thinking is not strictly for individuals but also for businesses.   At the beginning of the year it is MUCH easier to analyze data, look for places to save, and it is much easier to talk yourself into taking a big step towards change.

In the month of January individuals and businesses alike are looking for a new fact, looking for an edge, and looking for something new!  In a world where the economy is slow, people are starting to realize that the one area that is not slowing down (but actually speeding up) is the online economy.  With this in mind individuals and businesses who are analyzing themselves at the beginning of the year, will often see their number one priority for the year should be to create a strong online presence.

#3 – The Colder it is Outside the More Time Spent Online

January is historically one of the coldest months in the United States based on averages!  And if you are like me, you are not really a fan of staying outside and freezing!  So perhaps one of the biggest reasons web hosting services see a drastic increase in sales in January is because individuals are simply spending more time INDOORS which allows them to take time to create their own website.  In the summer months individuals are traveling, taking vacations, spending time outdoors, on the lake, etc.  All of these factors can drastically slow down online spending!

As we move into January, I am excited about the outlook!  If you have been thinking about creating a website or purchasing a web hosting company there is really not better time than right now!  Join millions of others around the world and sign up for web hosting today!

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