My Tour of Bluehost

On Saturday I returned to Nashville from Provo, Utah, where I spent a few days meeting the management at Bluehost and touring their facilities. I decided to do a quick write-up explaining just how awesome this company is, they most definitely validated their #1 position on our top 10 list. Let jump right in and look at some of the many strengths of Bluehost that I learned on the trip.

Real Emphasis on Customer Support

The problem with the average web hosting company is that they cannot provide users with top-tier/english speaking support that is not only helpful but also responds to you in a quickly manner.   While on my tour I literally saw tons of knowledgeable staff members who were responsibly for handling support via Email, live-chat, telephone, and ticket-system.  One thing I found very impressive about Bluehost is the fact that they have screens hanging around all of their facilities that show all of the support members who are on duty and shows the average hold time for customers waiting on the phone.  I find it mind-blowing that the average hold time for Bluehost is only 30-seconds… It will be hard to find another host who can beat this.

Cutting Edge DataCenter

Bluehost just finished completing their BRAND NEW datacenter which could possibly be the most advanced datacenter in America.  No expenses were spared and the datacenter was designed to provide users with a top-notch experience on reliable servers.  There were several server-admins working in the datacenter to ensure the maximum uptime for all of their users.

Focus on Employees

Any good company is successful because of GREAT employees; therefore, it is important that a company pay attention and treat employees right.  With this being said, Bluehost EXCELS in providing a great working environment for their workers.  During my tour I saw many rooms specifically designed for Employees, including but not limited to:  Game Rooms, Ping Pong Room, Break Room full of free food, Basketball court, and even a movie room.  I actually think Bluehost should hire me, I think I would enjoy working there.

Satisfied Customers

Bluehost has one of (if not the highest) retention rate for customers meaning they are doing everything right to keep them happy.  Bluehost also has one of the highest promoter rates on the web as a result of happy customers telling friends/family about their service.

I was really blown away……

The entire tour really blew me away with the level of detail that Bluehost puts into their company to ensure the BEST experience for customers.  In just 2 years the company went from around 210 employees to now over 450 employees, this number alone should really demonstrate how quickly this company is growing!

I would highly suggest to ANYONE looking for web hosting or even looking to switch hosts that you consider Bluehost, the management at Bluehost have provided me with an exclusive promo link that I can provide to you, if you click on it a special Bluehost $3.95/month rate will be made available to you… Click Below:


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