Great Alternatives to Apple MobileMe

Moving a MobileMe Website (tutorial)

As you may or may not have learned, Apple is set to close it’s MobileME platform in attempts to transfer its users to the Apple Cloud; however, the transition leaves off many essential features.   There is a chance if you are reading this article that you are looking for a reliable alternative to Apple MobileME, a host that can provide you with website hosting that is not only reliable but also affordable.  There is nothing more frustrating than a host that closes their service to you after you are fully invested into it, for example, Yahoo’s GEOcities that closes several months ago and now Apple MobileMe.

I would like to recommend to you a GREAT solution for your hosting needs, it is a host that I have recommended to individuals for years due to their fast servers, top notch customer support and most importantly the comfort that this MAJOR host will not be closing on you and forcing you to relocated and move your files.  Bluehost is a world-class web hosting provider, one of the biggest in the world and offers their users unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free domain name for only $3.95 a month!  This is a great deal!

I just read this article on Bluehost’s blog that talks about moving a MobileMe Website to Bluehost, and it includes a great video tutorial on how users can move and chose Bluehost as an alternative to MobileMe.   I highly suggest that you read the article I linked to above; however, I went ahead and linked to the video as well in case you wanted to see it now.

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