Difference Between Domains and Web Hosting

What is the difference between domains and web hosting?

If your wondering what the difference between domains and web hosting is, your not alone.  In fact, this question is asked by almost every individual new to the website design/webpage world.  The answer to the question is actually quite simple and hopefully after reading this simple guide you will have a better understanding of the two.  Before getting started lets take a look a few frequently asked questions regarding hosting and domains.

Q:  If I want to create a website, will I need a domain name or web hosting?
A:   You will actually need both of them; however, some great web hosting companies like Bluehost will give you a free domain with the purchase of a hosting account.

Q: How much does a domain name cost?
A:   It is possible to buy a domain name WITHOUT a hosting account; however, that domain name will just be parking (without a website attached to it) if you do not have a hosting account.  If you are looking to purchase a domain name by itself, depending on the registrar the average price should be between $9-$30, with the average sitting around $11-$12.

Q:  Can I pick any domain name?
A:   You will learn later on in this article what exactly a domain is and why it’s important to get your domains NOW.   You will learn that many GREAT domains names have already been snatched up or are being snatched up on a daily basis.  Not all names are available for purchase; in fact, a majority of short domains have already been taken.  With that being said, there are good names still out there and you can check the availability of a domain with this domain availability tool provided by AlreadyHosting.com.


Ok.. So now that you know that you are going to need web hosting and a domain name if your going to create a website, lets take a look at the differences between the two and why you need each part.

First, lets explore “domain names”.  A domain name is simply the term used to describe how people ACCESS your website.  For example, Google.com, Ebay.com, Amazon.com, and WebHostingServices.us, are all domain names that point to their respective web servers.  Users will type these domains in their address bar when they want to visit your website.  How domains work is actually a much more complex topic, all you really need is a basic understanding to what they do.

User logs on to the internet —> Types in the unique DOMAIN NAME of the site they want to visit  —> The internet directs this user to a server with website files.

Next, let’s look at the term “web hosting”.   Web Hosting is actually a term used to describe the “renting of server space to store website files”.  If you are going to create a website or have a site on the internet there are a variety of things that you must have.. A) protection from viruses/hackers  B) A super fast internet connection (bandwidth)  C) knowledge of linux based servers.  Because these three things are not easily known or mastered by many, it is ESSENTIAL to rent space from a web hosting provider who can give you these three things.   Many hosts OVER-CHARGE big time for hosting services but reality is that you should not have to pay all that much to create a website.  In fact my favorite web hosting provider is Bluehost, and they only charge $3.95 a month for hosting.

I hope this guide helps you to understand the basic difference between a domain name and web hosting.  I highly suggest that you click on the partner link below to visit Bluehost because they not only provide GREAT web hosting and support but they will also give you a free domain name so you don’t have to worry about purchasing both.

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