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How to choose the best web hosting service?

Like any web application developer, you want to purchase the one of best webhosting services, or even the best. To achieve this, you have to be in possession of minimum webhosting knowledge. If you really want to not encounter any problems, you get informed in detail on this issue or directly speak to a specialist who will recommend you some quality services.

As WebHostingServices webmasters, we are here specifically to make available to any interested person a very specific set of instructions required to be followed before choosing a web hosting package. Starting with in-depth evaluation of each company present on this website, and continuing the testing on the services they offer, we can provide you all the support so that you do your best choice.

In the following we show the main criteria you need to keep in mind when you make a decision. The order in which we chose to present, step by step, the methods that contribute to finding a quality web service is not at all a random one, so please keep in mind the exact order set by us in order to get the best results.

– First, although it seems a simplistic advice, please do a Google search after the words “web hosting services”. Well, if you have done this you will see that on the first page are listed companies offering web hosting. From our point of view, Google has succeeded, at least in this area, to filter the search results so well that it returned on the first page only reliable and experienced web hosting providers, which have earned a reputation in time. The sites listed on the first page (with max. 10 results per page) got those positions due to their user’s appreciation, leaving aside the web promotion techniques that, however, in a field so competitive as web hosting, they could not managed to rank these sites in top positions by themselves.

– Now that you have identified several companies offering web hosting, we advise you to take a look first on one of them. After you have entered the site, left out promotional messages about reducing the price and find the link to the page where facilities which are offered within that service are presented in detail. As a parenthesis, on WebHostingServices, our specialists have developed the top 10 best web hosting services, and for each of them is available free review. Within each review you will see that key the main features of the service were highlighted.

– If you have entered page containing the details about the product you’d like to buy, we advise you to keep into account the following features of the service that should really be included in hosting package:

– disk space: unlimited;
– data transfer: unmetered;
– Uptime: 99.99%;
– domains allowed: unlimited;
– parked domains: unlimited;
– FTP accounts: unlimited;
– E-mail accounts: unlimited;
– databases: unlimited.

Of course, the characteristics listed are hard to accomplish even in the basic plan offered by a specific company, but not impossible. For example, our experts have identified iPage as the only web hosting company that offers all the features listed above plus many others, for only $ 2.95 per month.

If you complete the steps described so far, you can check if that provider offers a free web domain registration (for new customers) and if there is a reasonable time in which you can get your money back in case you are not satisfied. After that, everything you will have to do is to check which is the price for their services and, why not, to talk to other people on forums, blogs, etc.. to find and view those who used or are still using that company’s services.

We hope you’ve had time to read this article and, if you take these instructions into consideration you will certainly be in advantage. Also, for more details about how to choose a web hosting service, please see our Guide and then choose the supplier that best fits your requirements. Under the circumstances, we recommend you to inform upon reviews we have done for the 10 companies listed in the following classification. Good luck!

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