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ThinkHost Profile
ThinkHost is an American company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, which has provided a high quality hosting services since it was founded in 1999. Also, since then ThinkHost has been imposed on this market because of its hosting services totally supported by renewable energy, becoming a leader in the field. Based on wind and solar energy, ThinkHost helps protect the environment through the complete divestment of conventional energy based on fossil fuels which pollute the Earth’s atmosphere.
This hosting provider strengthens its position in the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies due to its advanced technology available, guaranteeing very high security services to all its clients. ThinkHost is currently administrates a very secure and powerful data center using Unix for servers and its very powerful backup generators determine customers to declare this company’s services as the safest on market.

Web Space and Bandwidth
Offering services for very diversified range of customers and, in the same time, targeted especially to small and medium businesses, ThinkHost gives the best solution for any business, regardless of its complexity, considering that each plan includes unlimited server space and unmetered web traffic. Therefore, no matter if you have a personal website, a blog with great potential for development or an ecommerce site, ThinkHost solution will satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Host Unlimited Domains
We all know how unpleasant the problems with upgrading a hosting account can be, and how necessary upgrading is when extending our own business. From specialized technical assistance to effective application of an expert support, all activities arising from upgrading a hosting package consume our precious time but also money. However, this is not a reason to worry about. ThinkHost included the opportunity to host an unlimited number of web domains within each plan available.

Free Domain For Life
Unfortunately, ThinkHost does not offer the possibility to register a domain name for free when creating a hosting account. Even if this facility cannot be found into the ThinkHost web hosting plan, you should not lose sight of other important qualities of this provider, such as substantial reductions in purchasing a package or when offering it free of charge for non-profit organizations, Community groups that support the preservation of peace or protect the environment …

99,9% Uptime Guarantee
In the wake of some revisions made both of us and other teams of webmasters specialized in web hosting we have found that ThinkHost is among the very few hosting providers that guarantee a 99.99% Uptime. This means that company’s servers are offline less than a second per day, a performance that must to be taken into account.
In our opinion, even if the official site or elsewhere specifies a 100% uptime, we believe that this information is wrong. According to majority of webmasters and experts, a 100% uptime is impossible.

As one of the few companies which have managed to achieve a 99.99% Uptime, ThinkHost has already earned its reputation as a reliable web host. Provider that we make reference to uses the latest equipment to ensure maximum security for its customers. Using a powerful system of 24/7 servers’ monitoring, but also highly efficient instant backup generators, ThinkHost leaves behind the competition.

cPanel Control Panel
If you are familiarized with cPanel and you do like it, you may choose a hosting account that includes Cpanel – the popular control panel. However, if you are open to any change and want to experience something new, try ThinkHost. This provider comes with a custom control panel provided with a lot of very useful features and functions, being very intuitive and easy to be learnt. Although they do not use cPanel, ThinkHost services are of exceptional quality, reliability and stability being recommended especially for SMBs.

Free Script Library
Free scripts package provided by ThinkHost is very rich, which makes it extremely easy to be operated by any webmaster. When creating your account, ThinkHost rewards you with free scripts like B2evolution, phpBB, OSCommerce, Gallery, WordPress, Joomla, plus a lot of software you can install for free offered as bonus!

Customer Support
ThinkHost understands very well how important the assistance and technical support for its customers is. You can contact ThinkHost specialists by phone, email, live chat 24/7 because they always answer to your questions. Whether you are a ThinkHost client or just an internet user who wants to get some informomation, ThinkHost’s friendly staff is waiting for you and is always glad to listen to you and to offer the support you need.

Price Value
Although not excelled when it comes to competitive price, ThinkHost grant substantial discounts for new customers using the coupon system. If you have never used the services of web hosting company, but you are convinced to do it, the official site enables you to get a coupon that will reduce the initial price of $ 7.95.

Money Back Guarantee
Company offers a reimbursement period of 14 days, which is not so generous. From this perspective some webmasters who reviewed the company’s offers highlighted weaknesses when providing services, but it seems very difficult to identify other drawbacks at ThinkHost. Therefore, if in 14 days from the creation of your account you consider these services are not what you are waiting for, you can get all your money back, without giving any explanation.

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