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Founded in 2003, StartLogic is a web hosting company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Having more than 7 years experience, StartLogic said NO to any compromise and, with the lapse of time, it learned that professional services depended mainly on effort and sacrifice but also on important investments in leading technology. The company provides its customers around the world no less than three hosting plans: PersonalLogic, ProLogic and WindowsLogic available at very competitive prices.
As a famous first-class provider, StartLogic has earned an important position in our classification. We decided that the company deserves a position in our classification due to very high performance hosting services they offer but also because it is an opportunity for individuals and for small and medium businesses. Among other , StartLogic offers VPS hosting services, services for registration of domain names but also Search Engine Optimization.

Web Space and Bandwidth
ProLogic represents the most popular hosting plan provided by StartLogic. For only $ 5.95/month you can get a lot of premium features including unlimited disk space and unmetered web traffic. So, regardless of the complexity of your site and traffic it generates, you have as much space on the server as you need as well as unlimited bandwidth.

Host Unlimited Domains
Being available within a StartLogic account, ProLogic Plan is more than suitable for developing an online small or medium business. It embeds a number of features of vital importance for the professional management of a business website. You can host as many web domains as you wish into this plan without additional charges and without upgrading the account.

Free Domain For Life
StartLogic understood long before other web hosting providers did that starting a business involved some costs that not everyone could afford. In order to support its new customers, the company introduced the premium facility to register a web domain for free when creating a StartLogic account for the first time. In this way, using StartLogic you can make significant savings from the start, with a free domain name but also a free setting.

99,9% Uptime Guarantee
Specialists from WebHostingServices are unanimously agree on the idea that regardless of the complexity of a website, the traffic it generates or the type of its audience, an 99.9% Uptime is more than enough. But since for some demands are greater, we tried to identify solutions for which we actually found that there are some companies in the market that guarantee a 99.99% Uptime, which is excellent. You have understood that StartLogic guarantees a 99.99% Uptime, which means that there is a minimal possibility for the server not to run, and when this happens, it will not run for almost 9 seconds per day.

StartLogic has two data centers in Boston, Massachusetts. Each of them are equipped with advanced security systems 24/7, running on N+1 power (both A/C and D/C) and have the same network architecture and equipment. Being provided with Dell servers with redundant routers M7I and firewalls incorporating IDP technology but also powerful backup systems, StartLogic is an opportunity for service’s security. Also, Load Balanced technology used by provider reduces downtime to 0 because if one server is not available at any given time, the site will run on another server and you will not lose any visitors.

cPanel Control Panel
For those who appreciate the famous cPanel control panel, StartLogic is not an option to be taken into account. This provider has not integrated cPanel within any of the accounts available. However, this is not always something negative, if the alternative is a success. Therefore, as you probably can imagine, StartLogic offers a solution as you expected, named vDeck. This prestigious control panel is a powerful competitor for cPanel, being considered the first option for millions of users worldwide. Although it does not offer cPanel, you will not be disappointed by Startlogic because it chose vDeck!

Free Script Library
Collection of free scripts offered by StartLogic is not as generous as we would expect it to be, but certainly is more than sufficient to develop a medium-sized online business. In the ProLogic package (the most popular for customers!) hosting service includes: Guest Book: Gbook, Bulletin Board: phpBB, Content Management: Joomla, Chat: X7 Chat, Blog: WordPress, Groupware: WebCalendar, RSS Feed: gregarius, Image Galleries: Coppermine, Gallery2. Also, StartLogic will reward you with E-commerce scripts as: Shops Starter, AgoraCart, osCommerce and PayPal Shopping Cart Integration. Having this set of scripts available and totally free, you should only decide whether Starlogic is a solution for your business in progress or not!

Customer Support
Customer support section occupies an important position for StartLogic’s priorities. Offering 24/7 x 365 support by phone, email and live chat, StartLogic is always close to its customers. Whether you are a company’s user or just a visitor looking for further information, StartLogic always offers you the same friendly staff willing to help you!

Price Value
The three StartLogic hosting plans: PersonalLogic, ProLogic and WindowsLogic are available at $ 3.95, $ 5.95 and $ 8.95 respectively, the latter being for those who wish to benefit from some features that are available only under Windows, such as ASP.NET.
Thus, if you choose to ProLogic, for only $ 5.95/month you can get an additional resource for your site, unlimited disk space and unmetered web traffic.

Money Back Guarantee
You really do not risk anything choosing StartLogic! If something do not satisfy you, or if you simply want to test how efficient this company’s services are, you have 30 days to ask for money back without any explanation.

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