Secure Web Hosting:

Probably at the time you read this article you already have a website hosted on a server and want to know more about its safety. Here you are in front of a problem that a number of webmasters are facing with, namely: security of your web hosting service.

The number of websites affected by the so-called “breach” in security that a web hosting provider should have to provide has been grown lately. Be aware that most companies that offer web hosting assume no responsibility for any loss of data caused by online attacks. However, when you choose a web hosting service we recommend you to consult in advance people who have already used it, and if this is not possible, do a careful review of the supplier in order to find out if it is a reliable supplier and only after that make the choice.

One of the most common problems arising from weak security of the website is website infection with viruses (eg Trojan) or harmful scripts that affect normal functionality of the site. Even worse is the fact that these problems are rarely known by managers of those websites.

If you are concerned about the safety of your site and do not have specific information to ensure it, we recommend you to call for the services of a professional. Also, if you currently face this problem and believe that security has been broken because of questionable quality of web hosting service you use, we recommend you to upgrade your account or use the services of a reliable company. Below are listed a total of 10 companies that offer secure web hosting at a higher level.

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Disadvantages of an unsecured hosting account

You should know that a site affected by computer viruses is a site for failure. A business can not progress in any way if the site that represents its visiting card is of poor quality. Your image and degree of confidence drop dramatically if the site is not working properly or not at all due to its virus infection.

One of the most dangerous enemies is Trojan virus that has a devastating effect on the image of the infected site compared to search engines, sometimes finishing by exclusion from index. Most search engines detect emerging problems with your website and displays in the listing a message like “This site may harm your computer” which will surely drive away potential customers.

It is known that malicious people speculate on websites with poor security because they can become easy victims. Attackers will use your site to extract certain files or obtain data regarding the visitors, illegal activities that certainly attract penalties from search engines. For example, a search engine like Google does not want to promote such activity, and when a site that contains such a code is discovered, it will gradually be removed from the results, until it will not appear into the index anymore.

In conclusion, our advice is not to do any compromise when speaking about the security of your site, and moreover, the security of your business. Under revisions received, the ten web hosting providers listed above provide high quality services in terms of security being highly recommended for any type of web hosting.