HostMetro – Web Hosting Rates Locked In

Those of you who follow the web hosting industry are well aware that Endurance International has slowly been buying out all of the major web hosting brands.   By owning all of the major brands Endurance has been able to control the market per say when it comes to promotions and special rates.   I am a firm believer in competition, I believe when two or more companies are competing for business the winner is always the customer!

For this reason I was extremely excited to see a new and fast growing web hosting company enter the world of hosting!   HostMetro is unlike most web hosting companies that enter and quickly leave the hosting world, this company has structured itself to be around for the long haul and directly compete with Endurance International.   It appears that HostMetro has big financial backing and is pushing hard to compete pound for pound against other brands.

When it comes to some features like pricing, amount of bandwidth, disk space, freebees, etc. I would honestly say that HostMetro is equal if not better than competitors; however, in my research of this company there is one thing that I noticed that in my opinion sets them apart from all other hosting companies and will ultimately allow them to directly compete with endurance brands.

So what sets them apart?  On HostMetro’s website under “MetroMax Guarantee” you can read about the Lowest Renewal Guarantee which promises that HostMetro will never raise your rates when it comes time for renewal.  In essence, they allow you to lock in your hosting rates.   All of Endurance Brands advertise a certain introductory rate on hosting; however, after that introductory period is over the renewal rates are 2-3x the original rate.  Unfortunately, that catches many users off guard and eventually pains their pocket books.

HostMetro’s guarantee gives users the peace of mind that when they sign up for hosting, whatever rate they sign up for will ALWAYS be their rate regardless of competition, the economy, or any other factors.  In my opinion this is AN AMAZING guarantee and puts HostMetro at the top of all other web hosting providers!

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