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Plan name : Hostgator
12 month plan : $5.56* $8.95/month
24 month plan : $4.76* $8.95/month
36 month plan : $3.96* $8.95/month
Disk Space : Unlimited!
Bandwidth : Unlimited!
Websites : Unlimited!

Host Gator Profile
Host Gator LLC is an American company that provides web hosting being renowned for its impeccable quality of service which gives it a position among the world leaders in this market. Founded in 2002 in Boca Raton, Florida (now having its headquarters in Houston, Texas), Host Gator has grown from a small company having only a few web servers to over 7000 nowadays, hosting over 2 million Internet domains. According to a survey conducted in 2008 in order to observe the satisfaction level of clients belonging to the hosting company, over 90% of clients were satisfied with Host Gator and the services it offers. Also, in 2008, inc. Magazine appreciated that Host Gator was one of those private companies having the largest increase in America.

Web Space and Bandwidth
Host Gator provides its clients with three very compact web hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby and Business. Each of these plans includes unlimited disk space and unmetered data transfer, there being no hidden charges for these facilities. If Hatchling plan offers the possibility to host only a single domain name, Baby and Business plans permit hosting of an unlimited number of web domains.

Host Unlimited Domains
As shown above, starting with the Baby plan, you may host an unlimited number of web domains in the same account for only $ 7.95/month. Also, if you opt for the Baby plan, you may get the IP Dedicated address for only $ 2/month.

Free Domain For Life
Unfortunately, Host Gator does not offer the possibility of a free registration of a domain name when creating a hosting account. Even if for some users this might be a handicap for a hosting company, most clients were impressed by the other major features offered within services provided by Host Gator. Advantages like unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited subdomains and FTP accounts, but also $ 50 Google Adwords Credit, all included into the main plan, compensate for the lack of possibility to register a free domain name.

99,9% Uptime Guarantee
Guaranteed uptime Host Gator is 99.9% per year. What does this mean? Throughout the duration of a year your website can be offline for up to 8 hours and 45 minutes, which means that the period when the site is not online (downtime) is up to 1 minutes and 26 seconds in one day. If you consider it much or less, find that a 99.9% uptime, as that guaranteed by Host Gator, is very good. If someone tells you that he can offer you 100% uptime, that person is lying because this is not possible – no one can guarantee and offer a 100% Uptime.

Host Gator has demonstrated to be a reliable hosting company since its establishment, giving its client the security of functionality and services even in extreme cases. Providing instant backup generators and the latest equipment to detect fire, Host Gator gets added reliability and gives a pleasant feeling of security to its clients. Realizing the ideal combination between powers and saving the resources, Host Gator has efficiently invested in developing production of renewable energy systems using wind power.

cPanel Control Panel
Whether you choose the main plan, Hatchling plan, or choose Business plan, Host Gator will reward you choice offering you the latest version of cPanel control panel, the most used and appreciated control panel in the world. Facilities provided by Host Gator offering the cPanel interface include Fantastico, Soholaunch, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager Instant phpNuke and much more.

Free Script Library
The set of free scripts provided by Host Gator is a very generous and, at the same time, very valuable one. Among these, we mention WordPress, Python, FrontPage, Image Magick, Ruby on Rails and much more.

Customer Support
Host Gator is undoubtedly the winner of the best technical support: 24/7/365 telephone support, live chat, fax, ticket system but also active community working on the forum. In the same time, Host Gator provides a lot of very intuitive and easy to understand video tutorials to its users.

Price Value
Although not offering the most competitive price on the market, Host Gator provides exceptional quality services at prices starting at $ 4.95/month. For this amount Host Gator This includes unlimited server space for your site but also an unmetered data transfer. Compared to other offerings in the top, Host Gator is placed in the second position within the classification, after Just Host.

Money Back Guarantee
Even if in 2008 there was a percentage over 90% of clients who have confirmed the quality of service and were satisfied with them, Host Gator has still kept the possibility for others to get their money back on demand and without any explanations. If you purchased a web hosting package from Host Gator and you are not totally satisfied with it, you may ask for your money back within no less than 45 days.

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