Frontpage Web Hosting:

What is FrontPage?

Microsoft FrontPage is a professional HTML editor for designing, coding and developing websites, web pages and web applications. Whether the control over the HTML code by “hand writing” or use of a video editing environment is requested, FrontPage provides the tools necessary, improving in this manner the web experience.

Visual features of FrontPage allow you to create Web pages without writing any code. You can view all the elements of the site and you can pull them (drag and drop) directly into the document. You can also import and edit images directly into the document.

FrontPage also includes tools and features related to programming (in HTML view), Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and Active Server Pages (ASP). Using ASP server language, one can build dynamic web sites, using access to databases.

FrontPage extensions are a combination of programs that gives to you the opportunity to upload directly your webpages via Microsoft FrontPage. When you have already created your webpage with FrontPage, all you need to do to upload your page on your hosting account is to click on the button “Publish FrontPage Web”. Then input the address of your web site and the exact folder in which you want to upload your webpage. For successful uploading and working of the webpage is necessary that your webhosting provider to include FrontPage extensions into the hosting package.

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Site publishing using FrontPage

Publishing is the only supported way to copy a site based on FrontPage from one location to another. Publishing copies not only the content files (web pages, images, programs, applets, etc.), but also information generated and used by FrontPage such as connections to databases and navigational structure. Also, the publishing will not copy certain data, such as security settings or the number of visitors from the page, which must be different in the two locations.

Publishing process always begins with the opening of the website which is intended to be copied (source). Location for destination is a web-based web server that can be accessed via FTP. Since FTP locations can not be opened as a FrontPage-based web, they may not be the source of publishing operation.

Publishing a web site created with FrontPage consists in four stages:

1. Determining files to be added, replaced or removed in the web destination;

2. Copy all files to be added or replaced, plus instructions for deleting those no longer used. There will also be made some changes to the navigation structure, the connections to the database or any other web settings required;

3. Processing all updates on the destination Web server. This includes updates to files, web settings and recalculation of hyperlinks;

4. Report finalization of publishing process.