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Anyone has had the opportunity to install a computer program or game at least one time in his life. The moment he has downloaded that program, and clicked on it, a wizard started to handle the actual installation of the application, without asking himself about what to copy, where to copy and especially what he is about to set up. The entire effort means to click and patiently wait until the end of installation.

But how are things going in cyberspace, on the web? Along with the Internet development, as well as on personal computers, applications started to be created for websites, such as shopping, galleries of images, web content editors and many other tools that make our life easier when working on web and certainly, there would be no such a great number of sites without them.

For example, when we try to install a virtual shop as OsCommerce, being the most popular solution of this kind, we should have some knowledge about web servers, programming and operating systems. Quite a lot, considering that not everyone practices in IT. An immediate solution? Many would say: “I pay for or ask someone to install this program”. This is not the most viable solution.

What if I want to change or reinstall that application? I have to call for that person again? Need leads to finding solutions. As with personal computers, there are some companies that develop applications that automatically install and configure other applications. These applications are called “wizards”. Fantastico is one of them, and perhaps the best known.

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Fantastico Application

Fantastico is an application integrated into cPanel, web hosting manager, and by which we can install, just with a few clicks, blogs (so popular nowadays), forums, shopping, business cards, mailing lists and more. It is essential for any self-respecting web hosting service that wants to attract new customers.

GreenGeeks provides Fantastico free of charge for all its customers.