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What is a Dedicated Server?

You want to have flexibility when choosing the characteristics of CPU, RAM or HDD for your server? If so, all you need is a dedicated server!

A dedicated server is actually a server the web hosting provider make available for you with all its resources available, and you will be the only person who takes advantage on it. In other words, you have a web server just for you, with unlimited access for configuration, and benefit from increased security, flexibility, speed and also a very good stability.

Because of financial considerations not every website owner is willing to resort to such a solution. However, if you want to launch a business in the field of webhosting or if you own a website that generates a very high traffic, you need security, stability and reliability that dedicated servers can offer.

To make your work easier, we elaborated a careful review in collaboration with webmasters around the world and finally we concluded that there is a reliable superior quality service on the webhosting market available at an advantageous price. This offer belongs to the American company. This provider uses Dell servers (the best ones) for all hosting plans, includes CPanel license and the account setting is free. We invite you to take a look at our review to convince yourself of superior performance offered by Ace-Host, at the lowest possible cost.

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1000 GB

1 TB
at 100MBPS!

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Host Rating: 99%
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500 GB

10 TB
HostGator Review
Host Rating: 94%
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500 GB

2 TB
InMotion Review
Host Rating: 93%
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