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Hello and welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED WebHostingServices.us!  We are excited about our new website design and believe that the new design will make it easier for our users to research and review some of the web’s most popular web hosting services!  If you are looking for a top notch web hosting provider without looking to break the bank, we suggest you take a look at our top 3 web hosting services:

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Disclaimer: We believe in honesty is always the best policy and that is exactly what we wanted to let you know that WebHostingServices.us does get paid for referrals. However, you also need to know that we do not base any of our rankings and reviews on this fact, and strive to provide you with the most honest and ethical information available on the web!   Our web hosting experts have been analyzing the industry for years, and in combination with YOUR feedback and reviews, we are able to provide an honest list of the best web hosting services on the web!  We hope you enjoy our service, we 100% support and put our name behind the companies listed in our top list!


Who is the Best Web Hosting Service for 2013?

It’s official, our brand new (updated) top 10 web hosting services list has been released for the new year (2012)!  We are excited to announce that Bluehost.com, has been named the #1 ranked web hosting service provider in the world by our team of experts!

When analyzing web hosts to identify the best of the best we look at many factors including but not limited to:  Reliability, Support, Pricing, Friendliness, Speed, and of course we take into account user reviews and ratings on each individual host!

From our research we found that Bluehost excelled in not just one of these areas; but in fact, the ranked among the top in all of the categories!  Due to their innovative and licensed patent on VPS Protection shared hosting plans Bluehost is able to offer superior reliability and incredible speed to all of their users.  Bluehost has by far one of the most friendly and helpful support staff teams on the web and they are located in the US in Utah. Bluehost offers 24/7 support via phone, live-chat, e-mail, ticket support, and more!   And perhaps the best part about Bluehost is that we have been able to partner with them to offer you an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT rate of only $3.95 a month on their hosting, if you click on our special promo link below!

Bluehost $3.95/month Promo Link!


Why do I need Web Hosting?

One question many beginners have is why do I need web hosting?  That is a great question!  As you know business and personal websites have been launching across the web at a rapid rate; in fact, not having a website can drastically slow down your business growth.  It is obviously very important for every business, organization, and individual to have a web presence and the first step to achieving this is to purchase web hosting.

Many beginners are confused by the thousands of web hosting providers on the web and really just want to know they are getting a great host for a fair price!  DO NOT be fooled by commercials and advertisement from companies like Godaddy and 1and1.com, because these hosts are actually some of the worst on the web in our opinion.  Our team of professions have reviewed and ranked hundreds of web hosting providers and provided our favorites to you, not only to save you time and money, but also to get you a web presence as fast as possible!

Every website on the internet is hosted on a server somewhere in the world, its a requirement to having a website.  Hosting should be the first thing you look at when starting your very own website, and we hope our research and resources can aid you in your search for the best web hosting services.


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On the right hand side of our website you will see a wide variety of web hosting categories.  We encourage you to search through these categories and find the one most closely related to the type of web hosting you are looking for!  Our team of professionals have analyzed each category and provides you with a list of our favorite web hosting providers in each.. We have done all dirty work to research each host so you can save time and money on your next hosting purchase!

At times our dedicated and professional team of web hosting experts will release new articles relating to web hosting, each designed to helping you find the best web hosting service.  Check out the three latest articles by our professionals below: